Methodorphosis photoshoot + performance + exhibit

March 21, 2016 Katherine Soucie

In preparation for Methodorphosis, an interdisciplinary showcase of textiles, performance and painting at the Visual Space Gallery (Vancouver), we recently spent the afternoon photographing contemporary dance artist Salome Nieto at Deer Lake Park ( Shadboldt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby, BC) with Dan Kearley of Emotional Response Photography.
We sat in awe of Salome's fearless performance as she danced barefoot onto the cold, wet floor of the rainforest.
For this showcase we have created some new textile pieces and garments along with a unique backdrop for a video installation.  On opening evening, Salome will perform in our work and embody the identity of each piece she interacts with. Her combined method of dance is an expression form of Japanese Butoh and contemporary dance. 
Here is a selection from our session. 

Methodorphosis is hosted at the Visual Space Gallery on March 22nd 2016

WEBSITE:  www.visualspace.ca

VANCOUVER, B.C., March 22, 2016.  Visual Space Gallery is proud to announce the opening of the interdisciplinary art show Methodorphosis, hosted by Visual Space Gallery in Vancouver on March 22, 2016.
In Methodorphosis, textile artist, Katherine Soucie, dance artist, Salome Nieto and interdisciplinary artist, Diane Farnsworth   embark on an exploratory collaboration of defining identity through textile, dance, paint and video...accompanied by various talented musicians, (Adam Farnsworth, Toto Berrial & Alcvin), and video editor, Carl Craig.  The fact that Nieto, Soucie, and Farnsworth are artists from different cultures, backgrounds, and generations, will broaden their collaborative perception and interpretation of identity.  We witness our perception of self alter as we age, relocate, change relationships or careers, have children, as well as, by how we dress, decorate our homes, and by whom we spend time with. Clothing, art, dance and music affect how we respond to ourselves and to the outer world.  Methodorphosis explores the discovery of reinventing oneself, the constant flux of change, whether in a state of joy, chaos, or stagnation.

To view photos of artists’ work:

Dance artist & choreographer, Salome Nieto,
Textile artist & clothing designer, Katherine Soucie, www.sanssoucie.ca, www.katherinesoucie.com
Interdisciplinary artist, (video, paint, & metal),
Diane Farnsworth,  www.crowbooty.com & www.dianefarnsworth.com


We would like to thank everyone who attended the showcase at the Visual Space!  An even bigger thank you goes to Yvonne Chew for taking numerous images of the event on one of the several evenings that Salome Nieto performed on.  Here is a taste of what she captured but if you would like to view more please visit this link!


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