Textile Journal

April 12, 2015 Katherine Soucie

Textile Journal

New branding + New logo and much much more for 2015!

After years of struggling with the idea of branding for our company we finally arrived as a style of branding that reflects the nature and philosophy of our studio and practice.  Research and development of our textile process and designs are an ongoing effort. Given that we have spent extensive time realizing our ideas and goals we are excited to share our rebirth at Sans Soucie.

In addition to spending many hours developing our new branding in house, we have been prototyping new designs and bodies of work with our textiles. Over the next while we will be releasing more new work, videos, writings and much more!

As we move forward in our path and identity please share our story or better yet follow us on social media for updates. @sanssoucietextiles on Instagram or sanssoucietextiles on FB.

We encourage you to check out the personal website of artist + designer Katherine Soucie www.katherinesoucie.com for a look at other work and research related to textile waste.  You can follow her @sanssoucie on Instagram or @katherinesoucie on Twitter.


New Business Card Design


New garment tag 


New Postcard Design 



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