Summer is here!

May 30, 2015 Katherine Soucie

May is almost over and we have 24 hours left on our Etsy store MAYDAY2015 25% discount promotion!! Orders $100 or more will receive 25% off and Free Shipping!


It has been a month to celebrate in that the universe made it possible to reconnect with old friendly faces whilst allowing for us to connect with news ones here and abroad through social media and the internet!

Last Sunday we came together with photographer Shimon Karmel to collaborate on a creative photoshoot on location here in Vancouver.  We could not have been more blessed with beautiful weather and a team full of creative professional.  Our team was lead by hair stylist Victoria Kuzma, Make up Artist Ann Lin and models Saffron Thomas and Raina Cameron.


Photos are coming together soon but we did manage to take some snapshots behind the scenes.  Here is a sneak peak of the fun we had on location.....at the beach!




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