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November 02, 2015 Katherine Soucie

On November 14th we will be participating in the 2nd annual Canadian Fashion Symposium for academics and scholars. This event will take place during the day and is a free event but seating is limited.  From 7-9 the Museum will host a fashion show held in conjunction with the day's events.  The fashion show is not free but tickets for the can be purchased here.

For more information about the symposium presenters, the official press release and programme is available below.


October 19, 2015

Symposium inspires collaboration among fashion professionals Nationwide gathering of fashion experts at Museum of Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC The Museum of Vancouver is preparing to host the second annual symposium of Canadian fashion scholars, curators, and fashion professionals, November 14. Experts from academia and industry, along with collectors and fans, will come together to present and discuss their research in various fields of fashion—including history, material culture, gender, technology, eco fashion, and urban culture.

This free event will enable participants to present their fashion-related projects. It will encourage in-depth discussion and collaboration through thematic workshops. The goal is to inspire closer relationships among fashion scholars, curators, and fashion professionals across Canada.

Dr. Katrina Sark, author of the forthcoming book Montréal Chic: A Locational History of Montreal Fashion (2016) and co-founder of the Urban Chic book series (Intellect Press) is organizing the symposium.

To cap off the day, a fashion show entitled Fashion Avant-Garde: Now And Then will take place in the evening. It will juxtapose high-tech and low-tech fashion trends from the past and today. The event will feature the work of twelve Vancouver designers, active in diverse areas of contemporary fashion: eco fashion, wearable technology, Indigenous fashion, wearable art, fashion technology, and haute couture. Models will display cutting edge designs in contrast with historical examples of garments from the collection of Vancouver fashion historian Ivan Sayers. Contemporary designers and Sayers will present commentary during the fashion show.

The Symposium and the Fashion Show are open to the public, but registration is required.


Date: Time: Venue:


Fashion Symposium at the Museum of Vancouver

November 14, 2015 10am-5:30pm

Museum of Vancouver, 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, BC

FREE - Registration is required as seating is limited.


Fashion Avant-Garde: Now And Then

Date: November 14, 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Museum of Vancouver, 1100 Chestnut Street,

Vancouver, BC
Tickets: Tickets: Adults $25, Students $20, Seniors $20, Members

$20. Purchase now. About Museum of Vancouver (museumofvancouver.ca)


For press inquiries and requests to cover this event, please contact:

Katrina Sark: katrina.sark@mail.mcgill.ca

The Museum of Vancouver connects Vancouverites to each other and connects Vancouver to the world. The museum is a gathering place with programs, exhibitions, and collections that bring people together and inspire conversation about the future of the city. The museum, an enthusiastic civic advocate, is an independent non-profit organization driven by collaboration with the community.
Fashion Symposium: Programme

10:00am Symposium check-in at Museum of Vancouver: 1100 Chestnut St, Vancouver.

10:30am Welcome. Remarks and introduction by symposium organizers Kat Sark and Gregory Dreicer,

Director of Curatorial and Engagement at the Museum of Vancouver.

10:40am Kat Sark, McGill University, founder of the Canadian Fashion Scholars Network and

co-founder of the Urban Chic book series > katrina.sark@mail.mcgill.ca

Research areas and interests: cities and fashion, city branding, cultural history, gender, identity,

photography, film, fashion in museums, fashion and technology

Symposium goals: foster a community between Canadian fashion scholars and professionals

Website launch: http://fashionscholars.wix.com/home

10:50am Alanna McKnight, Communications and Culture, Ryerson University

> alanna.mcknight@ryerson.ca

Research areas and interests: Toronto, labour, feminism, corset, 19th century, consumer culture

Symposium goals: collaborate with other scholars who practice material culture research at this

symposium, as well as scholars who view corsets from a feminist perspective

11:05am Elena Siemens, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta

> esiemens@ualberta.ca

Research areas and interests: fashion photography, fashion exhibitions, street fashion photo

(Moscow and the West)

Symposium goals: collaborations on exhibitions and edited collections

11:20am Heather Martin, Emily Carr University and the Visual College of Art & Design, designer at

MONO and REDFLAGDESIGN > monoonommonoonom@gmail.com

Research areas and interests: connections among art, architecture, craft, design, and

education, textile sculpture and installation

Symposium goals: to connect with Canadian fashion professionals

11:35am Leanne Page Hui, Department of English & Film Studies, University of Alberta

> lpage@ualberta.ca

Research areas and interests: Victorian literature and culture, fashion history, material culture, thing theory, embodiment

Symposium goals: discuss different approaches to the study of fashion and related topics (dress as material culture; embodiment; the relationship between clothing and identity) with scholars from a wide range of disciplines

11:50pm Markus Reisenleitner, Humanities, York University > mrln@yorku.ca

Research areas and interests: digital humanities, urban imaginaries, and the role of location in fashion and style cultures, Specific sites I am studying include Vienna’s “Loft City”, Los Angeles’s Fashion and Art Districts, and New Urbanist communities in New Mexico

Symposium goals: I would encourage discussions and workshops on methodological aspects in fashion studies, but also on alternative forms of academic writing that bridge the gap between academic, trade, and social media publications

12:05pm Myrian Laroche, Founder of Eco Fashion Week Vancouver > myriam@ecofashion-week.com

Research areas and interests: decreasing waste in the fashion industry, fashion & consumerism

Symposium goals: Open discussions on how to create a healthier fashion industry without sacrificing quality, style, beautiful fabrics, amazing fit

12:20pm Katherine Soucie, fashion designer of Sans Soucie > katherinesoucie@gmail.com

Research areas and interests: Transformation design, zero waste, pre-consumer waste, hosiery, craft, obsolescence, embodiment, identity

Symposium goals: create awareness of the creative opportunities that waste textiles have to offer as a creative tool and resource

12:35pm LUNCH BREAK – lunch will be provided to presenters by the Museum

1:30pm Valérie Lamontagne, Concordia University, founder of 3lectromode > valerie@3lectromode.com

Research areas and interests: fashion-tech, e‐textiles, smart fabrics, performance, fashion, art, interaction design

Symposium goals: to explore overlaps between the fashion world and the world of technology through wearables and fashion-tech. I am seeking collaborations with the fashion community to research the use and effects of technology on fashion and create more aesthetic technologies

1:45pm Suzi Webster, Emily Carr University and Langara College, Artist > suzi.webster@gmail.com

Research areas and interests: Intersections between art, fashion, the body, technology, sculpture, performance

Symposium goals: share my interest in wearable technologies, and discuss ways that technologies may become soft, flexible and embodied, rather than rigid, hard and alien to the body

2:00pm Claus Jahnke, Fashion collector and historian > cjahnke@intergate.ca

Research areas and interests: fashionable, occupational, and recreational clothing in Germany and Austria in 18th, 19th, 20th centuries, collecting, documentation, research

Symposium goals: fashion history and collections

2:15pm Ivan Sayers, Simon Fraser University, Fashion collector and historian > info@smoc.ca

Research areas and interests: Men, women, children’s clothing, always the oldest I can find, 18th and 19th century laces, working class clothing as well as haute couture, eccentric garments (i.e. trousers for women) garments with personal histories

Symposium goals: fashion history and collections

2:30pm Alano Edzerza, Fashion designer and artist of Edzerza Gallery > EdzerzaGalleryInfo@gmail.com

Research areas and interests: Northwest Coast culture revival, First Nations, cultural

appropriation, authenticity, grass roots, social change

Symposium goals: discuss the difference between cultural appropriation, cultural

celebration, and paying homage periods in history. Why does the issue of cultural appropriation matter? How can designers tastefully and respectfully incorporate elements of First Nations (or any culture) into their work? How can native and non-native designers work together to pave a new path to the future?

2:45pm Kat Ferneyhough, Co-Founder of Vancouver Alternative Arts & Fashion Week (VALT)

> info@valt.ca

Research areas and interests: Alternative, Underground, Arts

Symposium goals: discuss importance of supporting the fashion culture of Canada as part of the greater whole of arts and culture, rather than a separate entity focused on merchandising and economics. VALT is an event that takes pride in its model diversity and focus on emerging and fringe artists and designers. We are interested in networking with schools that provide fashion and arts programs through which we can offer mentorship and internship hours, and with local designers, artists, filmmakers and musicians looking for opportunities to exhibit their work

3:00pm Valérie d. Walker, TransMedia and Radio Artist, Faculty Educator in Fine Arts, Technoculture and Gaming Researcher, Concordia University > indigo.val@gmail.com

Research areas and interests: in addition to the XX Files radio show and teaching digital media arts and culture, I also practice Gaian enviro-positive natural dyeing for printing and dye-design. I offer workshops and consultations with natural dyes and hands-on techniques in an eco-friendly production setting, shibori and kata-zome (starch paste printing) especially.

Symposium goals: discuss ecological footprints and environmental impact, fair-trade and

sustainable practice possibilities, increasing commitment to improving the environment with textiles, i.e. our life’s material processes, as well as make interviews for community radio

3:15pm Parker McIntosh, Victorian men’s fashion designer > prm@inspire.ca

Research areas and interests: reproductions of Victorian menswear, tailoring based on 19th century tailoring manuals, research of techniques and period style

Symposium goals: fashion history

3:30pm Hélène Day Fraser, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, lead researcher at CloTHING(s) as

Conversation > hdayfraser@me.com

Research areas and interests: clothing, conversation, material artifact, social construct,

transposition, sustainability, weaving, 3D printing

Symposium goals: We are interested in collaborations with individuals who are looking for new ways to design, produce and wear clothing. We would like to share the work we have been doing and also garner insight from others. We are interested in a range of workshops. Most importantly we are eager for the opportunity to enter into dialogue!

3:45pm SHORT BREAK – Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided for presenters.

4:00pm Workshop 1: Fashion and technology (Suzi Webster and Valérie Lamontagne)

4:30pm Workshop 2: Indigenous fashion (Alano Edzerza)

5:00pm Workshop 3: Fashion collections (Claus Jahnke)

5:30pm Closing remarks by organizers Kat Sark and Gregory Dreicer.

5:40-7:00pm Dinner (list of nearby restaurants to be provided). Time for networking, discussion, and collaborations on fashion-related research and projects.

7-9pm Fashion Avant-Garde: Now and Then fashion show, organized by Kat Sark (separate registration required). Free for presenters, but only with advance registration.



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