Sans Soucie Italy, Australia Eco Fashion Tour 2017

July 10, 2017 Katherine Soucie

Sans Soucie Textile + Design has been invited to showcase at Green Fashion Week (Rome, Italy) in October, 2017 and at Eco Fashion Week ( Perth, Australia) in November, 2017.
We recently completed a residency at HCMA Architecture + Design in Vancouver where we explored various circular knitting techniques using hand craft looms and knitting machines with hosiery yarn we have been developing in the studio over the last couple of years.  This opportunity not only allowed for us to continue our material research and development with this resource it completely transformed our idea of what can be done in the future.  We have not only created a new novelty yarn, Noutextil, we can knit and design new circular knit garments and accessories with but we want to make it possible for others to work with too! 
In addition to our experience at HCMA this past year, our mission to produce zero waste textiles made from Canadian mill waste lead us to establish a new partnership with the Montreal based manufacturer, Gildan.  This new partnership is a 1 year contract (can be renewed) that will give us sole access to their hosiery waste/castoffs.  This will allow us to produce our next collection with ease and to make Noutextil available to consumers this holiday season.  
photo: Peter Jensen
Our next collection, Symposium will be a unique collection that embodies beauty and harmony in all its forms. It will incorporate new silhouettes and be the launch to our circular knit hosiery garments.     This timely news arrived  upon receiving invitations to represent Canada at Green Fashion Week (Italy) and Eco Fashion Week (Australia). We are in need of financial donations and sponsors to help make this happen. 
The funds we require will assist in the production, documentation, travel/promotion of our next collection and initiate our first small run of our Noutextil hosiery yarn to sell to YOU!
  Your support will contribute to our story, our mission and how entrepreneurs can help create change. Like other Canadian designers, independent designer rely upon public support and private sponsorship.  There are no government programs that support textile and fashion design research and representation abroad.
With the help of our friends, clients, and generosity of the public we are aiming to reach our goal of 20,000 (USD) over the next 25 days. We hope that you will either consider contributing or sharing amongst your friends to help make this dream come true!  

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Even $1 will help !

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