Textile Journal

North Carolina Exhibition Mottainai! Waste Not Want Not

August 12, 2016 Katherine Soucie

In June we took some time away from our Vancouver studio to visit Durham, North Carolina.   A year ago I established a conversation with Chellie LaPointe at the Cameron Gallery/Scrap Exchange about hosting an exhibition of my work using the waste hosiery.  This grew to include examples of other artists work who have been exploring the use of my waste textiles in their work and the exhibition became known as Mottainai! Waste Not Want Not. In one of our many various conversations, I proposed to dye 300 lbs of waste hosiery for this exhibition.  Fortunately, they were able to...

British Vogue June 2016 + GreenCraft Magazine (Summer Issue)

May 10, 2016 Katherine Soucie

You can find us in the June issue (2016) of British Vogue and GreenCraft Magazine!

Methodorphosis photoshoot + performance + exhibit

March 21, 2016 Katherine Soucie

In preparation for Methodorphosis, an interdisciplinary showcase of textiles, performance and painting at the Visual Space Gallery (Vancouver), we recently spent the afternoon photographing contemporary dance artist Salome Nieto at Deer Lake Park ( Shadboldt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby, BC) with Dan Kearley of Emotional Response Photography. We sat in awe of Salome's fearless performance as she danced barefoot onto the cold, wet floor of the rainforest. For this showcase we have created some new textile pieces and garments along with a unique backdrop for a video installation.  On opening evening, Salome will perform in our work and embody the identity of...

Elephantasia 2016 Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

March 08, 2016 Katherine Soucie

photo: Vancouver Fashion Week Over the weekend we had the opportunity to work with Vancouver based photographer Celine Pinget, Model Holly Wu, Hair Stylist Victoria Kuzma and up and coming Make up Artist Alina Amison on our Elephantasia 2016 photoshoot.   We were recently invited to produce a garment for the Elephantasia exhibition on March 19 + 20 at the Chinese Cultural Centre.  This exclusive event is being held in conjunction with Vancouver Fashion Week to aid in the preservation and education on the African Elephant.  Our submission piece is titled " Airvatta" and is inspired by the mythological story of the White...

Museum of Vancouver + Canadian Fashion Symposium

November 02, 2015 Katherine Soucie

On November 14th we will be participating in the 2nd annual Canadian Fashion Symposium for academics and scholars. This event will take place during the day and is a free event but seating is limited.  From 7-9 the Museum will host a fashion show held in conjunction with the day's events.  The fashion show is not free but tickets for the can be purchased here. For more information about the symposium presenters, the official press release and programme is available below. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 19, 2015 Symposium inspires collaboration among fashion professionals Nationwide gathering of fashion experts at Museum of...