Waste Hosiery Anyone?

July 21, 2017 Katherine Soucie


Our textile waste has become so popular in the last few years we now have a waiting list!  What, really?  
Being a zero waste textile studio its not hard to accumulate (over time) all the snippets, offcuts and scraps left behind during our textile transformation and garment making process.  We do a variety of things with this waste as it inspires us as much as it does other artist, designers, makers who have visited our studio over the years.  
But here is the thing.  We can only produce so much of it.  Lately we haven't been able to supply requests because we have needed it for various projects.   Although we may have some available in late August, we thought we could open up our undyed castoff waste to those who might be interested in working with the raw castoff material resource.  
Since we have secured a contract/partnership with a mill for the next year (with the possibility of renewing) to acquire their waste, it has given us the opportunity to work with a consistent supplier.  This hasn’t been the case over the years since manufacturing has become pretty scarce here in Canada (and even in the US) and Canadian mills who still manufacture here have shifted some of their manufacturing over to other product lines, which has made our resource very limited.  That being said, we am selling the undyed waste hosiery for $10 for 1lb (USD) or $50 for 5 lbs.(USD) (plus shipping)  This is what we pay for it before it before we have it shipped from Montreal to Vancouver.  


If you are interested in purchasing this waste we have it currently available through our ETSY store.  
For any questions or inquires please email info@sanssoucie.ca 



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