Dyeing + Printing

Our signature hosiery textile process begins with undyed pre-consumer waste hosiery.  What this means is that we work with pantyhose and knitting mills in Canada and US and purchase their offcuts, trimmings, castoffs and clippings. These materials are unused, undyed and not resaleable at the retail level for their private label clientele.  We obtain these materials and begin the sorting process. 

After a lengthy time period sorting the various qualities in material, assessing damages to material, etc. we begin to develop our colour palette and story for the next step, the dyeing process.  We use non metal, low impact dyes to dye the materials as-is.  These dyes are mixed from a powdered state to create our  custom colour palette.  Our dyeing process uses and reuses the water we use and nothing is dumped into the environment.  The dye is also 100% absorbed into the cloth and it does not create an any run off after the process.  We hang to dry all of our cloth during this time period.  

Once the cloth is dry, the materials are either stored for printing or they are deconstructed ( cut open from their tubular state) into a flat strip of cloth.  We print on both a flat deconstructed version of this material and when it is in its existing tubular state. The strips and remnant cloth is then hand printed using hand screen printing methods. All textile prints we produce are designed in house and created by designer Katherine Soucie.  Our textiles are printed using low impact organic pigment textile inks that are water soluable. After the cloth is printed and hung to dry, we heat cure the fabric. The printing allows for coating to the fabric that makes it abrasion resistant and machine washable.  

We then store the bundles of freshly dyed and printed cloth strips to prepare for the next step.

photo by Ian Shehphoto by Ian Shehphoto by Ian Shehphoto by Ian Shehphoto by Ian Shehphoto by Ian Shehphoto by Ian Shehphoto by Mel Buenaventuraphoto by Ian Shehphoto by Rob Matharuphoto by Rob Matharuphoto by Rob Matharu

 photography: Ian Sheh, Rob Matharu, Mel Buenaventura

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