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Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

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Saturday, December 8, 2018 – 11am – 7pm
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Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

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Saturday, December 9, 2017 – 11am – 7pm
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Past Events and Presentations 

Mend + Transform + Renew, Design Research + Practice Workshop ( Masterclass ), Edith Cowen University, Perth Australia.  November 2016



Calling all Toronto and Sustainability Fashionistas! Join Katherine Soucie and panel of industry professionals at the Fashion Takes Action WEAR 2016 - World Ethical Apparel Roundtable on November 1-2, 2016.  Get your tickets, you will not want to miss out on this event!


Join Katherine Soucie this fall at the ASDP ( Association of Sewing and Design Professionals) Conference held in Richmond, BC, Canada.  October 18-25, 2016.

Katherine has been invited to be the keynote speaker at their luncheon on October 21, 2016.  A small collection will be on showcase in addition to a visual presentation followed by a Q&A session. 

We will have a piece from our Vanitas Collection on display at Canada House, 1 Trafalgar Square, London UK, August-September 2015 during the London Design Festival.  This exhibition highlights 40 applied artists who have received outstanding achievement in the applied arts in Canada.  
We will be attending the official opening ceremony on September 21, 2015 and will take part in the In-Conversation panel discussion with Vancouver Designer Judson Beaumont at Canada House.
This exhibit brings together objects from the 1970s to recent times that collectively celebrate the spirit and soul of British Columbia on Canada’s west coast.
Fifty applied artists, designers and craftspeople reflect the province’s creativity through the innovative use of wood, glass, ceramic, metal, textiles, plastics and other materials to build beautiful and functional forms for people from all walks of life.
The exhibit features the use of indigenous materials, tools and design but also incorporates exotic elements that reflect the diffused cultures of British Columbia. Together, they reflect beauty, function and industry.
This showcase at the Canada Gallery at Canada House is the outcome of the BC Creative Achievement Awards. Established in 2005, an average of five awards are given annually by juries drawn from across this vast and diverse province.
The Canada Gallery’s ongoing program is generously supported by our Principal Sponsor - Dahdaleh Foundation.
More details on the award recipients, including additional images and contact information for all of the award’s recipients can be found on the Carter Wosk British Columbia Creative Achievement website.
We are currently featured on the cover of Belle Armoire Magazine (US) for Winter 2015.  This issue also includes two editorial articles on Sans Soucie titled, From the Studio and Eco Fashion: Not Just A Trend.
This issue is available at selected Chapters across North America and at specialty magazine stores. To purchase online you can find it here through Stampington Press.
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Designer Katherine Soucie featured in new book, Life Outside the Box (release date February, 1st)
Press Release
For Immediate Release
Vancouver Zero Waste Textile Artist + Eco Designer in new book
Life Outside the Box: 
The extraordinary journeys of 10 
unique individuals
Vancouver, BC – January 6, 2014
Gyspy Aristocrat Collection, 2015. photo by: Dan Kearley
International award winning Vancouver based zero waste textile artist and eco designer Katherine Soucie is among one of ten selected from over 100 interviews that writer and editor Marilyn Wilson of Raine Magazine (NYC) included in her inaugural book titled, titled Life Outside the Box.  
Mrs. WIlson writes, " I have known Vancouver textile artist/fashion designer Katherine Soucie of Sans Soucie for such a long time. I met her years ago before I even started writing when my 16 year old daughter was doing some freelance modeling. As a life-long sewer, I was instantly fascinated by the unique textile she created using reclaimed nylons. Over time, the opportunity arose to get to know her better and I came to respect her as an educator, an artist, someone intimately aware of the eco consequences of her work, an advocate for the community around her, a mentor and most importantly - a friend. My journey to becoming a writer would have been very different without her influence. Soucie was my second interview ever and over the years I have had the privilege to interview her several times. There will hopefully be many more opportunities in the future as every interview is a journey of discovery. She is always pushing herself to grow as an artist - never static, ever looking to explore new directions and interesting collaborations - and is a life-long learner who is always seeking out educational opportunities. There is always a something new and exciting on the horizon."
Ms. Soucie established her sustainable textile design studio and practice in 2003 in Vancouver upon graduating from Capilano University's Textile Arts Program.  Her company, Sans Soucie was formed as a result of a proprietary textile process she developed as a student. Her thesis research was looking at how to create new sustainable textiles from existing textile mill waste.  From this, her signature hosiery textile process was born. She transforms pre-consumer waste hosiery (aka. pantyhose mill waste) from Canadian manufacturers into new textiles, garments, accessories and by-products.  Artisanal textile applications, obsolete machinery, low impact dyes and textile inks are the foundation of this application.  Soucie states, " I am not doing anything new.  I am reimagining the past, giving life to the obsolete and forgotten. I value the skillset and knowledge that has been passed down to me as a maker and as a maker I have a responsibility as to what I put out in the environment. I create new textiles in response to the material waste produced by industry here in Canada and transform modes of production (hand, industrial, digital) into collaborations that allow for past technologies to inform the present. Acting as a guide to creative breakthroughs and new pathways I am constantly researching and developing ways to integrate modern day technology, practices and industry at large to produce hand made textiles in a zero waste manner."  
Her line, Sans Soucie has been exhibited, showcased and published internationally (Canada, US, UK, Middle East, Japan, China) and the designer just relocated back to Vancouver after a year hiatus researching and working with textile mills in the Southeast USA. Ms. Soucie is the recipient of the BC Creative Achievement Award 2006 (CA), Shortlisted for a Niche Award 2007 (USA), Awarded International Green Designer 2008 (USA), Shortlisted for the SUStainArt awards 2014 (UK).  She is currently on the cover of Belle Armoire Magazine (US) and is invited to exhibit this fall  at Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London, UK as part of a showcase on applied art and design from British Columbia.  This exhibition is part of several held during   London's prestigious Design Festival Week.  
Sans Soucie feature cover 
US magazineBelle Armoire, Winter 2015 
When Ms. Wilson was asked how she selected Ms. Soucie for her book she states, " There are a couple reasons I chose to include Soucie in this book, but the biggest overall is the wisdom she brings when talking about both the future of the fashion industry and the consumer - words that offer a shift in production methods and empower individuals to redefine their personal relationship with clothing."
Gyspy Aristocrat Collection, 2015. photo by: Dan Kearley
Except from Chapter Two - Katherine Soucie
"Artists seem to be born with a different way of looking at the world—it’s evident from day one—and Soucie is no exception. Raised in Southern Ontario, the future designer was challenged as the youngest child to find a way to express her individuality. Her starting point was being the youngest of five girls who accumulated a never-ending pile of fashion magazines and hand-me-downs. Add in mixed cultural heritage—BritishFrench CanadianMétisGermanSeneca, and Oneida—and the foundation was laid. Creating her own unique, personal expression that also honoured her heritage was a challenge quickly accepted. It was all about transformation....
...By the age of five, Soucie was completely in charge of her wardrobe. At the age of eight—the 1980s—the future designer began to be more expressive in the way she dressed. There was always that pile of fashion magazines ready to open a window on what was happening in the world at large, but her sisters’ hand-me-down garments offered their own spark of inspiration.
 'I always had hand me-downs, but I began to explore various ways to wear the same garment. I was inspired by old Hollywood film stars—one day it was Marilyn Monroe. I decided to take a black sweater dress and wear it on a hot summer day in a reconfigured manner. I wore it as a strapless dress with the sleeves tied in a bow around my flat chest. I remember feeling beautiful and feminine. Then I jumped on my BMX bike and went to play with my friends. This was the beginning of a relationship with clothing as a form of my identity—culturally, socially, and politically—and I began to explore making and remaking vintage clothing.'”
An official book launch is to be held on Vancouver 21, 2014 at the Vancouver Fan Club.  For more information on this event please visit  - 
The designer and author will be hosting a private studio event on February 9, 2014 from 4-7pm at 525 Carrall St. Chinatown, Vancouver.  Copies of the book and signing will be available.  Refreshments to be served. If you wish to attend this event, RSVP only, please email: 
For more information or to interview Ms. Soucie please email
To view the work of the Katherine Soucie please
For more information on writer Marilyn Wilson and her novel Life Outside the Box contact:
Personal Website - Olio by Marilyn
Q&A recently published in Raine Magazine 
Author, Marilyn Wilson + Life Outside the Box





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