photo by Mel Buenaventura

Design Inspiration: Behind the Seams

The basis of my design process includes the emphasis on color, texture and shape. Music, nature, history, art, textile science, archeology, urban culture, travel, architecture, Buddhism and Mother Earth provide me with infinite inspiration. 

The main focus at Sans Soucie is to integrate artisanal textile techniques in combination with obsolete and digital technologies. Being curious, allowing for mistakes in connection with ongoing experimentation is key in developing new ways of looking at old processes. Thus resulting in the modernization of traditional textile techniques.

Through my natural curiosity for working with textile waste and discarded materials, I look to develop, design, and produce textiles and garments that are unique, functional/practical, and which express my desire for individuality as well as that of others.

I feel due to the mass production of garments and textiles today that we need to rediscover or reinvent materials already in existence rather than produce more new materials. I believe in life cycles and aspire to explore forms of reciprocity that allow for an observation to occur which inevitably becomes part of the design process. 


Katherine Soucie





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