Interior + 3D forms

We are constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of what we can build out of our textiles.  In 2014 we created a new series known as Waste Studies. It is composed out of the waste we produce as a result of the hosiery textile reconstruction process. the strips and off cuts are kept over time until we are ready to (re)imagine this material resource. 

From wall decor to sculpture, our 3D forms are functional objects meant for the home. Due to the limited amount of waste we produce the works we create are completely one of a kind.  Waste Studies is a collection of work that reflects upon the value that waste and our material resources. In response to this we have created a few things that speak to our daily lives and experiences as artists, thinkers, movers and shakers.  For us life is about exploration, curiousity, celebration, ritual, spirituality, creativity and beauty.  In our collection you can find pillows, travel pouches, holiday wreaths and stockings, patchwork blankets, meditation stools, furniture, etc.  


 Photography by: Rob Matharu, Joshua Thornington

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