Over the years we have received numerous emails of praise, support filled with wonderment.  The stories that you have all shared speak of life altering moments that for some have discovered themselves, their identity and their home.  The empowerment that you have all shared in relation to wearing our work inspires us to keep moving forward doing what we do best.  


Here are just a few selected emails we have curated for this page.  If you have a Sans Soucie story you would like to share with or without an image please email us at info@sanssoucie.ca  We want to hear your stories and feedback.  Please also view our reviews on Etsy.


"A good friend introduced me to Katherine Soucie’s clothing, and I am so grateful! The garments are comfortable, and her unique designs can be worn for casual as well as more formal occasions." 

-- Catherine Russell, New York, USA --

photo by: Amy Arbus


"Katherine's pieces are the 'basics' around which I build my working wardrobe. As a hairstylist I must be fashion forward, and since I am mobile I need garments that are comfortable and look great all day long, no matter what I'm doing - especially since I am in and out of the car, carrying my heavy kit from booking to booking without time to think about how I look. I love the vibrant colours and beautiful designs of Katherine's work! They're so flattering, easy to layer, dress up/dress down, plus it's a real bonus that they're easy to care for. I believe everyone can benefit from having even just one Sans Soucie garment - it will be a favourite because you'll keep finding new and interesting ways to wear it!"

-- Victoria Kuzma, Vancouver Mobile Hairstylist, Canada --


" Hosiery has never been so lucky as when Katherine Soucie of Sans Soucie gets ahold of it. Zero-waste fabrics, hand dyed, and then crafted with body-loving design, these are simply amazing garments — easy to move in, funky and stylish. No one will be wearing what you've got on, even if it's another Sans Soucie! Durable, lightweight and non-wrinkling, these creations also have a practical side and are a go-to for travel. Katherine is very responsive to questions and wonderfully flexible. Her imagination shines in the many ways she has taken "leftovers" and created art with them."

-- Lisa Klein, Chicago, USA --


" I have purchased several items, including two dresses, from Katherine and everything is so much fun to wear, to give as a present, and, as always, pleasant to the eyeballs.  She is great person with whom to work as she had to alter both dresses that I bought and she was kind and cheerful the entire time she worked on them.  I love my dresses and they are so easy to wear as you are never uncomfortable in her clothing.  On a personal note, she is very pleasant, hardworking and attentive. Finally, anyone who has adopted at least two rescue animals gets an "A" in my book."

                                                    -- Cristine Goldberg, Dalton, GA --


"Katherine's unique "wearable art" are pieces that are comfortable, easy to care for and great for travel. Her "zero waste" philosophy is another reason I love to purchase and wear her clothes. Her whole company is a pleasure to deal with."
-- Marcy Newman, Vancouver --
"I love my Sans SOUCIE originals!    As an Eco-Positive Artist, Creator and Educator I love being able to share the Zero-Waste ecology and beauty with the world!  and they're great to hula hoop in at any kind of event!!!"
-- Valérie d. Walker, Montreal PQ --



"I acquired my first Sans Soucie dress in 2003, only a few weeks before heading off to Cannes Marche du Film to distribute our short film. During this whirlwind tour, I discovered my new dress was the most practical traveling attire I'd ever owned! It was slept in during our drive from Amsterdam, rolled up in my purse, and washed in a hotel sink. Because it is made of hosery, it dried within an hour, it took no space and was weightless to carry and as comfy as yoga-wear to nap in. It never lost its shape or wrinkled so I didn't look like I hobo artist, living out of a car.  It looked chic...the French loved it. It is still part of my Sans Soucie collection and now resembles an antique dress from the 20's."  
-- Diane Farnsworth, Canada --
To view more reviews by people who have bough our work visit our Etsy review page.

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