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In 2015, we will be releasing a limited production line of textiles and supplies under the brand Noutextil made from our hosiery textile process and from the waste we produce and collect during the process.
Noutextil will house our recycled hosiery yarn collection as well as our textile line.  Our hosiery yarn is perfect for knitting, weaving, craft projects and for various design applications.  Over the past two years we have  been collaborating with various artisans and makers to see what they can do with our yarn.  We will be releasing a sneak peak of their progress and projects soon to share the creative possibilities of this material.  The colour selection will vary and will only be available in limited production. These yarns can be over dyed by those who possess the skills to dye nylon fabric.  We recommend Still River Dyes.

Recycled Hosiery Yarn

photo by Dan Kearleyphoto by Dan Kearley
photo by Dan Kearley
In 2015, we released a line of textiles for those looking to craft their own designs from our signature textiles. This includes the sale of our raw waste textile scraps. This material resource has become high in demand to various artists, designers and craftspeople internationally. We couldn't be more pleased to see our waste utilized in more empowering ways.  Some examples of artists (just to name a few) who have created with this waste are Michelle Sirois-Silver, Kirsten Chursinoff and Diane Farnsworth.  
Our waste is in limited supply as we do use this resource for ourselves, if you wish to purchase some and we do not have any available for sale online please email us!
Michelle Sirois-Silver utilizing waste hosiery strips in her hand hooked rug surfaces
Kirsten Chursinoff utilizes waste hosiery as mixed media in her embroideries
Diane Farnsworth utilizes our waste scraps in her resin jewelry collections

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