Wreaths + Stockings

Our Holiday Collection this season features wreaths and stockings. 

The wreaths we make are made from the shavings, threads and scraps left behind from our garment making process.  As they accumulate over the year, we try to find ways to reimagine them into a variety of 3D forms.  The scraps are bound, wrapped and constructed solely out of this waste.

We don't think of our wreaths as objects just for the holiday season, it really is a standout piece that can be hung year round.  It is the perfect housewarming or holiday gift! 

In addition to our wreaths, we have two kinds of holiday stockings.  Both are limited in production.  The Arlechino Holiday stockings are heirloom stockings that are functional yet decorative.  They are made with two layers of dyed and printed hosiery that has been embroidered together.  These stockings are reversible.   

Our Elf Stockings are whimsical holiday stockings that utilize the waste from when are draping and cutting out our garments on the mannequin.  Specifically the circles that come from the armhole areas.  These little swatches of cloth are then embroidered and mounted onto offcut knit fabrics we bought from a local textile recycling initiative known as Our Social Fabric.  


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