Our Story

photo: Rob Matharu Chinatown Studio

photo: Rob Matharu Chinatown Studio


Sans Soucie is an award winning Vancouver based textile + design studio founded by Katherine Soucie in 2003.  This studio is unique in that it specializes in the zero waste transformation of waste hosiery (pre-consumer manufacturing waste; castoff pantyhose, tights) into new textiles, garments, accessories and 3D forms. Each Sans Soucie textile collection is unique -- no two are alike and are only made in Vancouver. 

Artisanal textile techniques combined with the use of obsolete and digital technology are used to remanufacture this waste into one of a kind heirloom made textiles.  These textiles are then made into limited edition garments and accessory collections. 

Turning hose into clothes is a specialty for artist + textile + fashion designer Katherine Soucie. Katherine was introduced to the world of textiles and fashion as a child, creating inventive outfits from hand me down clothing and vintage fabrics. Being the youngest of five children from a mixed cultural heritage (British, French Canadian, German/First Nations), textiles and clothing allowed for her to find her voice and express her cultural identity.  

Her activism and participation in textiles/recycling began as a child after she participated in a program involved in the collection of waste in a provincial park.  After receiving an award for her efforts, this experience shifted into influencing her creative work and led her to study the art of Fashion in London and Toronto, Ontario, before furthering her studies in Textiles and Applied Art in Vancouver, Canada.  

It was while she studying Textiles at Capilano University, she came up with a concept that would guarantee her clothing line, Sans Soucie, and developed her signature hosiery textile process.  The result was fabric that was not only practical and functional but it was unique and 100% Canadian in its manufacturing.

It was from here that Sans Soucie Textile + Design was born and the focus was to establish a zero waste textile and clothing design studio that specialized in transforming pre-consumer nylon waste hosiery (pantyhose) into new hand made textiles for garment production.