Sans Soucie + Collections

All of our textiles, garments and accessories are produced from pre-consumer nylon waste hosiery  (aka. pantyhose) from mills located in Canada and the USA.  

Each collection is produced in response to the materials obtained and cannot be duplicated.  The development of a signature textile collection begins with the hand dyeing (low impact, metal free dyes) and deconstruction of existing form (tube to flat strip of cloth). From here it is hand silk screened, air cured and heat set before it is stored for the next process.  The strips of hosiery are then reconstructed into new cloth through the use of obsolete and decommissioned industrial sewing and hosiery hemming machinery. The visible mending applications that are employed throughout this material's transformation is one of a kind and has not been duplicated anywhere else in the industry.  

The transformation and identity of the cloth becomes the starting point for each collection that is produced and is instrumental to the creative development and process here at Sans Soucie.