We are a zero waste textile + design studio that specializes in transforming pre-consumer waste hosiery and cast-offs into new textiles for garments, accessories and 3D forms.  

All the dyes and textile inks we use in our process are low-impact and metal free. All the water we use in our dyeing process is used and reused, never dumping anything into the environment.  Any excess textile inks that do not adhere to the cloth during our printing process accumulate upon the surface of our print table covers and are never discarded. The surfaces of our print cloths captures the history of our production by producing inspiring patterns and imagery that serves to inspire and educate us on what it means to work from a zero waste design philosophy. 

All offcuts and offcuts are kept from the cloth reconstruction and garment production process and are often transformed into other textile constructions, accessory lines and sculptural forms/installations.  

Until 2013, our textiles and our textile waste have only been made and utilized exclusively by us for our in house line. We partnered with artist Michelle Sirois-Silver of Vancouver who began to produce hand hooked rugs using our offcut strips of cloth.  From here, other artisans have approached us to work with our waste textiles. It is clear that the we needed to create a plan to create opportunities for the greater  creative community to work with our textiles.  Presently we are working with an embroiderer, jewelry/ceramicist and others in the design community to develop a new business model that allows for textiles and its waste to be made available to cultural producers who are sourcing local and domestically produced materials.  We are a member of the National Zero Waste Council.


Vinyl Recordings, 2012

These images are one example of an entire collections worth of excess ink left behind from our textile printing process.  We carefully print onto the strips of hosiery cloth and due to the fine structure of the material often ink passes through and collects on the surface below.  What you see here is the beautiful remnants and marks left behind.  We never throw out our print cloth covers and use and reuse the vinyl cloth until we retire them.  Our retired vinyl becomes part of our archive and are available for educational and exhibition purposes.

photography by: Elisa Ferrari