Process + Waste Hosiery + Artisanal Textile Production

Our studio began to work with waste hosiery and cast-offs in 2003 after the designer, Katherine Soucie created several prototypes as part of her undergraduate work in Textiles at Capilano University. This work was built in response to Soucie's experience in working in the textile manufacturing trade as a fashion design student where she learned of the abundant amount of waste textiles discarded by mills daily.  

Many of the applications undertaken at Sans Soucie combines hand made artisanal processes (dyeing, printing, draping/sewing) with obsolete textile and sewing machinery salvaged from factories that have closed.  The hand craft skills required to produce the textiles, garments and sculptural forms are integral. This process lends itself to the history of textile and garment making and was developed as a way to keep traditional applications alive.  

From 2002-2013, Ms. Soucie committed herself to the necessary applied research required in rethinking and transforming this material resource into a new textile for various applications.  In 2013, the Vancouver studio closed as Soucie was invited to be the Visiting Professor in Textiles at Georgia State University where she began researching and working with textile mills in the Southeast (USA).  She returned to Vancouver in 2014 and (re)imagined the studio and her brand.  

Sans Soucie Textile + Design is a studio dedicated to producing hand made textiles out of waste hosiery using zero waste applications. We produce made to order heirloom collections.   Our work is only made available through the studio and online at this time.  In moving forward, we believe this is the most responsible way to maintain the creative integrity of our textiles and designs in order to honour the valuable relationship we have established with this material resource. We are a member of the National Zero Waste Council.