Wabi Sabi Knee Socks

Wabi Sabi Knee Socks

Our Wabi Sabi Knee Socks are back for the Fall/Winter 2016/17 season.  

We don't often acquire the 'right' kind of waste hosiery to produce this unique legging collection but after our trip to North Carolina this past June, we were fortunate that the perfect weight hose was available for us to create and revive this very popular design. 

We began to create this collection in 2002 and from time to time when we are able to produce a limited production series we are beyond excited to share it with you!

We did have a selection posted online for a few months but given the popularity and limited amount this season, we have decided to request that you email us before you purchase to see what exact stock we have on hand.  For more information email info@sanssoucie.ca 


$ 23.00