Waste Hosiery Scraps (large box)

Waste Hosiery Scraps (large box)
What are our waste hosiery scraps?
How do we create waste in a zero waste design studio? 

All forms of making create some form of waste.  Our art and design studio is dedicated to the use, reuse and (re)imagination of this material resource.  We do utilize everything but it was in 2012 that we came realize that other artists, designers and craftspeople were eager to work with our materials too.  

The waste that we have been providing other makers are the raw offcuts strips, chunks, threads and shavings that we produce as a result of our textile transformation and garment making process.  This material has been dyed and printed but if you are interested in working with this material resource and have the knowledge and skill to overdye -- the world is your oyster when it comes to working with this material resource. 

The waste scraps are raw and comes in various shapes, lengths, sizes and includes thread snippings. We do not sort the scrap and everything is sold as is. Part of the fun is sorting the material.  We can guarantee it will be a very fun yet meditative process!

Our waste is sold in two sizes $60 for small bag or box ( approx. 3-5 lbs) or $125 (approx. 8-10 lb. box) plus shipping.  You are welcome to arrange to pick up COD from our Vancouver studio or we can ship to you. 

Please note, your waste scraps will come in a variety of colours and shapes.             All sales final. 

$ 125.00